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MPR-Fintra, Inc.
Park of Commerce on
Congress & Lake Ida
1200 NW 17th Ave., Suite 3
Delray Beach, FL 33445

Phone: 561-338-7488
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Lowering Your Business Insurance Costs


Owning a business is expensive. So it makes sense that you would want to save money wherever you can.

Every responsible business owner would naturally get business insurance Florida, U.S., International, and this can be expensive. We understand you’re looking for proper ways to get low premiums. So we are sharing a few tips that can help in keeping your insurance premiums low. Just make sure to run these by your insurance agent first:

  • Categorize employees properly. Companies with high instances of worker injury should be upfront with possible dangers. Lying to your agent or broker can end up having no coverage when you’re in desperate need.

  • Invest in your security. Insurance companies are less likely to charge you high captive insurance premiums if you’re seen as responsible. This is especially important if you’re handling important customer data.

  • Risk management is key to avoiding uncontrollable rate hikes in your premiums.
  • Evaluate your policies annually. Changes in your business can affect your companies safety and coverage. It is in your best interest to give your agent a call to sit down and review your current plan. This is another opportunity to make sure you are protecting what needs to be protected in your business.

If you have questions about business insurance, feel free to give MPR-Fintra, Inc. a call today.

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