MPR Fintra, Inc

About Us

Business Insurance in Florida, U.S., and International


Our job is to provide better commercial insurance solutions for our clients whether they are large or small. We can provide coverage both in the United States and internationally. We work with highly qualified insurance companies to meet our client’s needs.

When insurance companies can’t or won’t provide all of the coverage needed, the Fintra organizations can access major U.S., Bermuda, London, and European reinsurers. Reinsurers insure insurance companies against large losses. Fintra places such reinsurance protections for specific insurance policies or for captive insurance companies and other clients.

Our firms also provides on-site loss avoidance and mitigation surveys, as well as relevant reports, and assists in the implementation of risk management and loss prevention programs. Risk management services can be provided by themselves or they can be combined with insurance coverages for the best result.

We can also help our clients form their own insurance companies (Captive) in places where there are substantial tax advantages. Larger clients or a group of similar clients can enjoy substantial control over their insurance policies and control major portions of the premiums in a tax free environment. Fintra recommends a superior captive design and management structure for its clients. We believe that financially strong, well risk managed insurance clients should participate in their own risk financing, through captive insurance companies or alternative mechanisms, and keep the rewards for themselves. Both Captives and Rent-a-Captive?s will meet these objectives. The Rent-a-Captive is easier and quicker to establish.

MPR-Fintra, Inc. provides solutions for companies that need assistance with their business insurance in Florida, U.S., International.