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Do Private Investigators Need Insurance?

Do Private Investigators Need Insurance?
When you are a private investigator, you find yourself doing all sorts of dangerous work. Things can get serious fast, especially when one of the things you have to do regularly is catch criminals.
So, if you are wondering whether you really need insurance, the answer is a big yes. Our business insurance Florida, U.S., International has listed down the types of coverage you need:

  • General Liability Coverage
    If there is one type of coverage you need, it is this. General liability coverage ensures you won’t face any obstacles to being covered as you do what your job demands. You can never expect what will happen during your investigation. You may chase someone into a place you don’t know and damage something by accident. In this case, the damage will be covered.
  • Property Coverage
    As any captive insurance company would recommend, get coverage for your property to protect it from any damage. Think about it, someone that you investigated may get upset and take it out on your office. If they throw a rock at your window, property coverage can help. It can also offer protection from other kinds of damage, such as weather-related damage.
  • Auto Insurance
    In case of accidents, you want your car to have auto insurance. If someone wrecks your vehicle while you are on the job, then your insurance can cover it. The same also goes if you hit another person’s car when you’re following the person you need to investigate.

Are you a private investigator who needs insurance? Let MPR-Fintra, Inc. help you. Call us for questions about our business insurance and contractors insurance solutions in Florida.

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