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Lowering Premiums for Restaurant Businesses


Running a business can be expensive. Aside from paying for your establishment’s maintenance, you also have to worry about taxes, bills, lawsuits, and business insurance Florida, U.S., International.
MPR-Fintra, Inc. understands the importance of cutting costs in a way that won’t hurt your business and your reputation. Insurance premiums are among those bills that can drill deep holes any anyone’s pocket. So we’re going to talk about how you can lower your insurance premiums”

  • Pay close attention to employee safety

    Workers Compensation Insurance claims can make a huge impact on your company’s financial resources. So, make sure to protect your employees from potentially dangerous equipment by investing in quality training.


  • Proper equipment maintenance

    Faulty equipment can put your employees’ and even your customers’ lives in danger. Nasty accidents can cause your premiums to balloon in a matter of seconds. So make sure to pay close attention to the condition of your restaurant’s equipment.


  • Safe food handling

    It’s not just your employees’ safety you should worry about. Lawsuits can quickly increase your insurance cost. So always be sure to follow the best practices in safe food handling.


  • Find good deals

    Don’t accept the first captive insurance policy you get. Always be on the lookout for better deals and better coverage.

Need to insure your restaurant business? We’re the ones to call. Whether it’s employee’s compensation or contractors insurance solutions in Florida, or simply have a few inquiries, we are here to help. Just dial 561-338-7488 to set an appointment.

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