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The Proper Way to Deal with Unhappy Employees


No matter how great you are at running your business and its people, there will be a few people that will still have some things to complain about. We know it’s frustrating, but being able to deal with these types of situations is an important part of risk management too.
You may not realize this but even one employee can damage your business. MPR-Fintra, Inc. is here to talk about some tips on how to deal with disgruntled employees. So grab a pen and start jotting down notes!

  • Spot the signs

    It’s easier to deal with an unhappy worker if they come to you to complain, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes workers “act out” instead of raising their concerns to their supervisors. If you wait until these little rebellious acts turn into bigger problems, even the best business insurance Florida, U.S., International can’t fully protect your finances from the consequences.


  • Address concerns ASAP (if possible)

    There could be any number of reasons why your employee is unhappy, some of them you can deal with, while some you can’t. If the issue is something that you and your worker can talk about calmly, then do so.


  • Keep records

    While your goal is to work with your employee to find a solution, you should also prepare for the worst-case scenario. Keep a record about anything related to your unhappy employee, review your captive insurance policies, etc.

We hope these tips work. If you have more questions about contractors’ insurance solutions in Florida, give us a call at 561-338-7488.

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