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Factors That Determine Auto Insurance Prices

Factors That Determine Auto Insurance Prices

The amount you will pay for your truckers insurance will be determined by several factors. These factors will then be examined by an underwriter to set your premium and deductible costs.


It is crucial that you examine various types of auto insurance coverage offered to you by trucking insurance companies. Don’t settle for the first one given as you may overlook important aspects that needed to be included in your coverage.


Here are some of the things underwriters here at MPR-Fintra, Inc. will look at when setting truck insurance quotes:

  • The driving record of your drivers
    When determining the premium costs, you will be asked to submit the driving history and records of your drivers. Just like with regular business insurance Florida, U.S., International, the insurance company needs to know how responsible your drivers are. Accidents and violations drive the costs higher.
  • Driving distance and location
    Insurance companies will want to know the average distance that your fleet will cover in a certain time period, as well as the route of travel. Some areas are more dangerous than most, and the farther the distance traveled, the higher the risk of accidents.
  • Safety of your parking locations
    Insurance companies need to be sure that your fleet won’t be in any danger of theft and damages when they’re parked. Even in regular captive insurance policies, the location and security systems are examined to ensure that the client will not be making multiple and frequent claims. Make sure that your parking locations have solid security as this has a direct effect n how high or low your premiums will be.

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