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What Pollution Insurance Can Do for You


Running a business that uses materials that are considered “toxic” or harmful to individuals and the environment exposes your to claims based on pollution liability. Many small as well as large businesses have pollution exposure. Swimming pool maintenance services, septic tank maintenance operations, water treatment services, and pest control organizations have substantial risk. Like managing all risk, it is many times better to pay a small premium to transfer a potential large loss to an insurance company. Purchasing a pollution liability policy protects your business from not only paying a pollution related loss, but also pays the thousands of dollars needed to provide a defense in court. Think about this: If you accidentally dumped a tablespoon of salt on someone’s lawn, it would most likely do nothing, and your business wouldn’t be sued. However, what would happen if you spilled 500 pounds of salt on that same lawn? Some things are not toxic in small amounts, but they are in larger amounts!

If your business sells or installs water filtration, you may be wondering if you are also required to get pollution insurance. The answer here is: Yes, but you need to be sure that the definition of pollution includes bacteria, virus, and heavy metals. In giving commitments to customers on what your filter removes from the water i.e., soften water, dissolve solids, or kill bacteria or virus or remove heavy metals or carcinogenic substances; your company will likely be sued if there is an (alleged) failure on your end. Without pollution liability, broadly defined, your company is on the hook!

Finding the right Business or Contractors insurance solutions in Florida can make or break your business. Insurance premiums can get expensive. But, they are really costly, when you’ve paid the premium, have a loss and you are told there is no coverage! So you need to make sure that you are receiving the right advice on your risk exposures. So, if you are small and just starting out, or large enough to have your own captive insurance company, get some no obligation consultation from us!

MPR-Fintra, Inc. has barely scratched the surface on the topic of Workers Compensation and Pollution Liability insurance. If you think you need this coverage, give us a call for questions on local, national or international business insurance. We can discuss the best options available for you. Dial 561-338-7488

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