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  • Insurance
  • Reinsurance
  • Captives and Alternative Risks

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MPR-Fintra, Inc.
Park of Commerce on
Congress & Lake Ida
1200 NW 17th Ave., Suite 3
Delray Beach, FL 33445

Phone: 561-338-7488
Fax:     561-338-7489


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The Proper Way to Deal with Unhappy Employees

No matter how great you are at running your business and its people, there will be a few people that will still have some things to complain about. We know it’s frustrating, but being able to deal with these types of situations is an important...

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Saving Cash on Your Next Auto Insurance

Do you have a car? Then you know the importance of having good auto insurance. You also probably know how expensive these can get at times.   Not to worry, MPR-Fintra, Inc. is here to help you save a few dollars on your next auto...

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Must-Have Insurances for Construction Companies

The construction industry has many inherent risks. Workers, contractors, large machinery, and more are needed to get even one simple construction project done. This puts you at risk for theft, injuries, and potential litigation.   To...

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The Employer and Employee Relationship

We always want to highlight the positive sides of an employee and employer relationship. But it would be neglectful if we didn’t mention the not-so-nice parts. MPR-Fintra, Inc. wants to look out for all our clients’ businesses. That’s...

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How Our Services Can Help Boost Your Business

Every business has its own success story. Regardless of how businesses reached their triumph, there is no doubt that there is one thing that they all have in common. They all went through struggles. There may have even been times when they had...

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